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DRC: several bodies abandoned at the saturated Kisantu morgue

There is no longer room at the morgue of Saint Luc hospital in Kisantu, in the Madimba territory of Kongo-Central, to keep corpses, deplored Wednesday January 29 the director of this medical institution, Dr Fely Ndongala. In a press release, he recalled that this morgue had been built for a capacity of 44 bodies. To date, she has kept more than 100 corpses.

He calls on families in this city of Kongo-Central to “urgently” remove the bodies of their loved ones.

The two rooms in this morgue, one accommodates 32 and the other 12 bodies, are inundated with corpses. Among these bodies, many are those of the destitute and the victims abandoned long ago by their relatives.

Dr. Fely Ndongala indicates that he has repeatedly pleaded with the provincial government to find a solution; but in vain. According to him, the authorities should act quickly to ensure the burial of the bodies of the destitute.

In spite of himself, he ended up instructing the staff of the morgue not to receive any more corpses, except for the bodies of the patients who died on the spot. Until further notice.

The morgue at Saint Luc hospital in Kisantu serves the population of Inkisi, that of the surrounding areas and sometimes it even receives bodies from Mbanza Ngungu.



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