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Rwanda: Women are encouraged to be bold in all walks of life

The meeting called “Africa Soft Power Summit” has awakened women from different countries of the world, gathered at the Serena Hotel, with the aim of examining the obstacles that girls and women face in different institutions, causing them to delay in their development.

Some of the problems that women and girls still face are fear, and some are not allowed to speak.

Women as well as men have been giving different talks, they have shown that they have opportunities, which would make them not to be afraid both in terms of the law and the fund intended for women in order to help them in their development.

He said, “This simple African Council has a great role in improving cultural and economic wealth, so that the problems that still threaten women and girls on the African continent can find solutions”.

Clare Akamanzi, Director of the National Development Board (RDB) said that they have a plan to help men and women in their businesses to innovate, saying that they support them, because there is money earmarked for them.

Nisingizwe Joseline, one of the women who participated in the international conference, who has a project to take care of women and girls who are left behind (vulnerable people), said that among the lessons they have taken is to learn from different leaders from different countries, because some said that they have also started they are small entrepreneurs, but now they have reached the international level, due to the fact that they did not dare to go to the work of different institutions.

He gave the example of one of the people who helped him from Ghana, who said that he was the one who was brave in his family, studying at university, and now he has reached the international level.

Saveto Amahoro, one of the workers in Smart Fund, said that in the different courses they were given to pass them on, he realized that girls and women should also dare to take part in leadership, because they are also capable.

He said, “Those who fought for it have achieved it, we have to put in effort, because they ordered us to stick together”.

The presenters and those who have been asking different questions, have been requesting that the State as well as the families, let girls and women be given a voice and given the rights they are given by law in different levels in order to develop themselves.

The meeting called “Africa Soft Power Summit” will last three days from May 23 to 27, 2023.

The international conference aims to empower women and girls in the fields of business, equality, health, law, security and more.

Basanda Ns Oswald


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